At TJ Cheng Law Corporation, we provide quality legal service and we strive to look out and work closely with our clients to protect their best interests. In our probate and estate practice, our goal is to help clients protect their family members and the people they care about, preserve their assets and obtain peace of mind. A validly executed will, can enable you to distribute your assets to your intended beneficiaries and make certain that your wishes are respected.

Whether you are concerned about the validity of a will, need assistance drawing up a Will or need assistance to apply for Probate, we have the knowledge and experience to guide you through.

Planning ahead regarding estate issues is very important as a person decides how his or her assets will be distributed upon death.

Our office assists clients with their estate goals and with the probate of estates. Contact us to discuss your legal needs for:-

  • Wills; and
  • Probate administration.

Click here : Flowchart for Will & Probate

For more information, please contact:

Cheng Tim Jin
Email: tj@tjlawcorp.com